Khayari is Blogging Competition


How to participate:

1-    Follow us on Instagram.

2-    Share with us posts that have clear honest content about beauty products and beauty tips, for a week.

3-    Hashtag #KhayariISBlogging on every post you do.

4-    Make your account public.

Rules and regulations:

  • Participants must be 18+
  • The winner will be picked based on authenticity, relevance and likeability of the content posted. 

  •  The selection is subjective, and will be done by The team.

  •  The posts considered for this competition will only be those posted on Instagram. Posts on Facebook, Twitter, Blog post or any other social media than Instagram will not be considered. 

  •  Using the Hashtag #KhayariIsBlogging is the only way we will be able to see your posts, so please make sure to use it. 

  •  Private accounts means private content, which means we will not be able to see your content so make sure you accounts are public during the competition week. 

  •  This competition is dedicated to all participants living in Arab countries. The team will decide based on the location of the winner to send either a bag of beauty products, or a voucher. 

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