is now using a « Reward Points » system that allows our users to gain points that can be redeemed for rewards.

Depending on the action done you will gain a specific amount of points, it can vary from 10 points to a 100 points. These same points gained can later be exchanged for gifts, product trials, limited surveys and much more.

The “Increase Your Points” page, gives you pointers on what actions can be done to gain points.

Points System Terms and Conditions:

  • The points gained on can only be used to be redeemed for the rewards available from
  • The points cannot be exchanged for money.
  • Delivery charges for the reward to be delivered will be paid by you upon delivery. (The cost of the delivery will be communicated once your reward has been accepted)
  • The points cannot be gifted to another user.
  • The points have validity duration; meaning if you haven’t redeemed anything using your points for more than a year, your points will expire.
  • You will lose points if you’re not an active member on
  • Any false information communicated by the user, in surveys or registration, can lead to loss of points or cancellation of the account.
  • Any fraud tentative will lead to cancellation of the account
  • Redeeming a reward doesn’t mean you were accepted to claim the reward. Some rewards require configuration in order to claim them. You will be notified by email if you are eligible to claim the reward.
  • The points system is currently available in the following countries: UAE, KSA, Qatar and Egypt. For Kuwait, and Oman will be available soon, so we advise you to start collecting points. For other Arab countries the opening should happen in a few months.

The system points can change over the time, without prior notification or clarification.

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