About us

Al Jamal Khayari.com (My beauty choice in Arabic) is a website dedicated to beauty consumers living in the Arab World.

Our ambition is to create a place where consumers interested in beauty products could share their honest feedback about products, and check reviews of other consumers and rely on them to prepare their beauty purchase.

Sharing a review doesn’t mean listing your likes and dislikes about a certain product. On Khayari.com, we are trying to give more rationality as to why you love or don’t love a product.

Not only does it offer space to review beauty products, it is also a place where consumers can participate for product tests allowing them to be selected to test new brand products, thus give more information about their preferences to the brands. 

 If you have any question about this site, do not hesitate to contact us through our contact us form.

khayari.com is powered by Connect The Dots DWC-LLC located in Dubai. If you want to contact us please use the contact form.

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