Why Khayari is the perfect platform for beauty brands in the Middle East

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Why Khayari is the perfect platform for beauty brands in the Middle East

In a fragmented digital world, it is usually difficult for beauty brands to tailor their efforts to address their consumers at the exact right time when they begin their research about new products with the intention of making a future purchase.

Al Jamal Khayari [www.khayari.com] is a website dedicated to providing beauty consumers living in the Arab World unbiased and comprehensive reviews. Khayari’s goal is to create a platform where beauty-enthusiasts can share and read honest feedback about various beauty related products across multiple categories, as well as offer beauty brands in the Middle East a platform unlike any other.

Through Khayari’s unique platform, we can bridge the gap between a brand and their consumers who are looking to make a new purchase. Consumers visit Khayari to read reviews about any new products to make an informed decision about which one to consider. Comparisons can be made based on multiple features such as price, texture, skin type, and quality.

It’s also through Khayari that consumers are introduced to new brands and products. As reviewers post more information regarding the product, it helps paint a new and honest picture about not only the product but also the brand, which gives Khayari a unique edge, therefore minimizing the gap between brand and consumer. Khayari can also collect and provide qualitative information about listed brand and products through targeted surveys and focus groups.

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